Detecting Emotion in Faces Using Geometric Features

Recognizing emotions in facial expressions is relatively straightforward for humans, and in recent times machines are getting better at it too. The applications of emotion-detecting computers are numerous, from improving advertising to treating depression, the possibilities are limitless. Motivated mainly by the impact in mental health that such technology can have, I started building myContinue reading “Detecting Emotion in Faces Using Geometric Features”

Facial Emotion Recognition: Single-Rule 1–0 DeepLearning

In my attempt to build Artificial Emotional Intelligence I first turned my head to Deep Learning. The main reason being its recent success at cracking Computer Vision tasks, as I am currently working on the part that detects emotions from faces (I already have the part that understands the content of our written words). SoContinue reading “Facial Emotion Recognition: Single-Rule 1–0 DeepLearning”

Thoughts on Motivation and Self-Motivated Software

Being raised by a non traditional Latin mother, I learned from an early age how to help doing the housework, I hated it nonetheless. Being married to a non traditional Vietnamese woman, she made sure that the housework was almost equally distributed between the two. At home I am in charge of washing the dishesContinue reading “Thoughts on Motivation and Self-Motivated Software”

Don’t Feed Me, Teach Me How to Fish

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” reads the old proverb. After jumping on the Deep Learning bandwagon (but this applies to the Big Data, and any other bandwagon), I (my Neural Nets) have been constantly fed, andContinue reading “Don’t Feed Me, Teach Me How to Fish”

David and Goliath, or I Trying to Beat Microsoft at Facial Emotion Detection

During my quest to build emotion detection from faces, I had always assumed there was no available system to compare my own with. Not because there are no companies or hobbyist already building such thing, but because the companies making the headlines are keeping details of their work in obscurity. Turns out I was wrong.Continue reading “David and Goliath, or I Trying to Beat Microsoft at Facial Emotion Detection”

Show Me The Faces: Collecting Faces With Emotional Expression for Deep Learning

Teaching a machine how to recognize objects (cars, houses, and cats) is a difficult task, teaching it to recognize emotions is another story. If you have been following my posts, you then know that I want to teach machines to recognize human emotions. One important way in which machines can detect our feelings is byContinue reading “Show Me The Faces: Collecting Faces With Emotional Expression for Deep Learning”

Deep Feelings About Deep Learning

So I want to build Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI), and I already wrote about a possible application to treat mental health problems. Even the big guns like Apple Inc. are trying to build AEI (for some obscure reason). So the obvious step when you want to build something is to study and to do research.Continue reading “Deep Feelings About Deep Learning”

Building an Emotional Artificial Brain — Apple Inc.

Apple just bought Emotient, a startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to read people’s emotions by analyzing their facial expressions. Also, in October of 2015 it bought VocalIQ, another startup that uses speech technology to teach machines to understand the way people speak. As usual, Apple did not disclose the reasons behind the acquisitions. Why isContinue reading “Building an Emotional Artificial Brain — Apple Inc.”

Building an Emotional Artificial Brain — Motivations

“An estimated one in five people in the U.S. have a diagnosable mental disorder.”and “… cost an estimated $467 billion in the U.S. in lost productivity and medical expenses ($2.5 trillion globally).” are some of the lines that can be read in an interesting article about Virtual Reality Therapy published in TechCrunch. Now just likeContinue reading “Building an Emotional Artificial Brain — Motivations”

Building an Emotional Artificial Brain — The Beginning

In October last year I finally got my long awaited PhD degree. My research topic was Sentiment Analysis (SA), a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing that seeks to identify the polarity of any given text. Put in simpler words, given any subjective text, SA seeks to tell wether the text is positive,Continue reading “Building an Emotional Artificial Brain — The Beginning”