Selecting a Dataset for a Natural Language Processing Paper

The following article describes the process I followed to discover and download a new text dataset. Often researchers have to go through this process and I hope that with this article I can make someone’s life easier. A while ago I was working on an area of Natural Language Processing named Sentiment and Emotion analysis,Continue reading “Selecting a Dataset for a Natural Language Processing Paper”

Normalizing (Feature Scaling) Point Clouds for Machine Learning

Continuing my work on Machine Learning with point clouds in the realm of autonomous robots, and coming from working with image data, I was faced with the following question: does 3D data need normalization like image data does? The answer is a clear YES (duh!). Normalization, or feature scaling, is an important preprocessing step for many machineContinue reading “Normalizing (Feature Scaling) Point Clouds for Machine Learning”

Creating a Point Cloud Dataset for 3D Deep Learning

For the past two years, I have been working with robots. Earlier this year I stopped focusing on cameras only and decided to start working with LiDARs. So after much research, I settled for a 32 beams RoboSense device. I had to spend some time setting it up, especially creating a suitable mount able toContinue reading “Creating a Point Cloud Dataset for 3D Deep Learning”

Simplifying Point Cloud Labeling with Contextual Images and Point Cloud Filtering

Annotating point clouds from multi-line 360° LiDAR is exceedingly difficult. Providing context in the form of camera frames and limiting the point cloud to the Field Of View (FOV) of the camera simplifies things. To achieve this, we first had to replace our old, and not so stable LiDAR mount, with a sturdier one capableContinue reading “Simplifying Point Cloud Labeling with Contextual Images and Point Cloud Filtering”

Demonstrating SEDRAD, The Self Driving Ads Robot at AppWorks.

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, we demonstrated SEDRAD at the AppWorks offices in Taipei, Taiwan. The goal was to get approval to use the robot during their upcoming Demo Day #24. The demonstration was a big success and SEDRAD is set to navigate autonomously while showing information about the participating startups in the event. AppWorksContinue reading “Demonstrating SEDRAD, The Self Driving Ads Robot at AppWorks.”

Testing 3D Annotation Tools

Before you can train a supervised Deep Learning model, you must first label your data. Today I am testing Intel OpenVINO’s CVAT and MATLAB’s Lidar Labeler annotation tools for 3D data. First impressions, CVAT makes it easier to navigate the point cloud, but a small bug makes it hard to place the initial cuboid, makingContinue reading “Testing 3D Annotation Tools”

RTK Heading + LiDAR (Temporary) Mount Ready

After a few days of playing with some Makeblock (blue) metal pieces, I finally created a temporary mount for my RTK Heading (Dual GNSS) + 32-beans LiDAR system. It should be enough to test the sensors while a more stable one is built. I also conducted a quick indoor test of the LiDAR, it hasContinue reading “RTK Heading + LiDAR (Temporary) Mount Ready”

SEDRAD, The Self-Driving Ads Robot is Finally Here

I am pleased to announce that the first version of SEDRAD, The Self-Driving Ads Robot, is finally here. I have released it as part of the final submission of the OpenCV Spatial AI Competition #Oak2021. Watch the video to learn more about what SEDRAD is capable of doing, and if you have any questions, don’tContinue reading “SEDRAD, The Self-Driving Ads Robot is Finally Here”